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State-Of-the-Art Customized Laboratory Equipment

Ultra Pure Products, LLC sells customized laboratory equipment such as tubes, small plastic tanks, and stainless-steel tanks. All of our suppliers cater to high-purity applications, and as a result, most manufacturing processes are done in a clean room. To ensure the end-product is sterile, you can request special services like sanitation through radiation and other measures.

Steel Tube


Our lead tubing supplier, Saint-Gobain, specializes in manufacturing silicon tubing. This is predominantly fitted in laboratory equipment within hospitals.

Add-On Tank Fittings

Order custom features for tanks. These include fittings that place or release things in and out of the tank, as well as:

• Flanges Fitted At the Bottom To Drain the Tank With a Valve
• Mixtures Inside the Tank for Blending Materials (A Big Cross Bar Above the Tank)
• Custom Stands for Extra Support
• Wheels On Tank Stands To Roll Them Around With Ease

Other Process Equipment

Tell us what materials are needed in your Dallas, Texas, factory, and we'll do our best to fulfill your special requests. We sell:

• Plastic Piping (Available for Some Products)
• Mixing Equipment
• Gaskets
• Tri-Clamps
• Tubing
• Adapters

Liquid Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Our suppliers cater to high-purity applications and are well-equipped to serve the needs of liquid pharmaceutical companies by undertaking processes such as mixing large quantities of liquids. We help you take assumptions out of processes through add-on features like view windows for seeing inside tanks. Please note that stainless-steel isn't appropriate for ultra-pure water.

Custom Services

We can visit your site to determine what you need and make recommendations for size and materials accordingly. These custom services are often needed in facilities that are starting new processes or setting up new lines. If you want to know the best type of hose to use or what kind of connections you need for your tanks and new pumps, we can help. This service comes at no charge and our quotes are always free.

Gas Tube

Tubing Fittings

Verderflex Pump

Verder Pump

Screen Gaskets

Bag with Tube