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Quality PVC, EDPM, and Silicon Hoses

Many distributors sell generic hoses to factories in the region. At Ultra Pure Products, LLC, however, we offer specialized hoses for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our Dallas, Texas, area team has an in-depth understanding of the prerequisites of differing certification boards. These include, but aren't limited to, The US Pharmacopeia (USP®) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Our hose prices range from $150 to $4000. Most of our pharmaceutical customers typically spend between $400 and $500 on these parts.

Types Of Hoses

Browse our extensive selection of hoses with different inner and outer treatments. A few include:

• Teflon™ Lined Hoses
• Silicon Hoses
• EPDM Rubber Hoses
• Fabric-Wrapped Hoses
• Stainless-Steel Hoses
• PVC Hoses


Some hoses can be ordered with braiding or an embedded circular wire for extra support. Another great option is ordering a fire sleeve for hose lines used for steaming, in order to protect operatives' hands. Other popular add-ons include protective metals which defend against over-bending and kinking, which is common in Teflon hoses. These incidences present many inconveniences like leaks or restrictions in how far hoses can be bent.

Custom Services

Inform us of the hose diameter and length you need and we will cut one to fit. The bend radius tells you how far you can curve the hose. Since most hoses are 50-500 PSI, we will always inform you about the working pressure designation of the hose.

Up To Code

Our hoses meet the Class 6 standards of The US Pharmacopeia (USP) and all come with certifications showing compliance. In addition, you will receive a Mill Test Report (MTR), which shows the composition of the fittings, such as how much copper and what type of stainless-steel were used.

Reference Materials

We know that equipment documentation is of the utmost importance in any factory setting. As such, we always make sure this is included with your purchase.